du 17 mars 2022 au 18 mars 2022
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Séminaire de Sebabrata Mukherjee


Floquet Solitons in Photonic Topological Materials .

Jeudi 17 mars, 14h00 (en distanciel sur Microsoft Teams) (Team CY Warwick Theoretical Physics )

Floquet Solitons in Photonic Topological Materials.

( Department of Physics, IISc Bangalore, India )

The discovery of the integer quantum Hall effect has led to the prediction and realization of topological materials in various experimental platforms such as photonics, ultracold atoms, mechanical and other systems. Most research in these systems has been performed in the linear domain, where interparticle interactions are negligible. In this talk, I shall first present anomalous Floquet topological insulators consisting of fs laser-written waveguides. We shall then discuss the formation of 'topological' solitons in such photonic structures. In our experiments, the nonlinearity/interaction arises from the optical Kerr effect of the glass medium. Experimental evidence of bulk solitons and long-lived edge solitons will be presented. These works pave the way for exploring nonlinear and interacting topological systems.

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