du 3 février 2022 au 4 février 2022
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Séminaire de Mirko Degli Esposti


Entropy, Natural Language and Artificial Generated Texts.

Jeudi 3 février, 11h30 (attention, horaire exceptionnel) (en distanciel sur Microsoft Teams) (Team CY Warwick Theoretical Physics )

Entropy, Natural Language  and Artificial Generated Texts.

(Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna)

Recent mathematical results concerning (relative) entropy estimators for stochastic sources, combined with new numerical experiments,  give us new insights about the complexity and the universal properties of natural language, together with new tools to quantitatively evaluate to which extent  artificially generated texts resemble those generated by humans.
Presenting these mathematical results will also give me the chance to briefly discuss how recent developments of A.I. show an increasing capability of generating artificial media and art contents, in particular automatic text generation, with relevant impact on the creativity Industry.

Pour s'inscrire à la session Teams, merci d'envoyer un mail à Jean AVAN.