du 22 septembre 2022 au 23 septembre 2022
Publié le 22 septembre 2022 Mis à jour le 22 septembre 2022

Séminaire de Enej Ilievski


Time liquid crystals: A story of activity, chirality and non-reciprocity.

Jeudi 22 septembre, 11h30 (en distanciel sur Microsoft Teams) (séminaire matière condensée)

Universal anomalous fluctuations.

(Department of Physics, University of Ljubljana)

Conventional classification of dynamical phenomena is based on universal hydrodynamic relaxation characterized by algebraic dynamical exponents and asymptotic scaling of the dynamical structure factor. In this talk, we present a novel type of dynamical universality that manifests itself through statistical properties of macroscopic fluctuating observables such as the transmitted charge. In particular, we will consider a general class of classical one-dimensional systems of interacting hardcore charged particles obeying the single-file constraint (i.e. crossings of particles' worldline are prohibited) and analytically compute the full counting statistics of the transferred charge in an nonequilibrium setting. We shall discuss a rich phase diagram emerging as a competition of distinct dynamical phases, featuring dynamical phase transitions of first and second order. Remarkably, typical fluctuations in equilibrium are governed by a universal distribution that markedly deviates from the Gaussian distribution, signaling a breakdown of the central limit property. We argue that the same anomalous distribution arises in a broader class of systems, including in gapped regime of the anisotropic Heisenberg spin chain..

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