du 7 juin 2022 au 9 juin 2022
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Workshop "Quantum Many-Body Physics in the presence of an environment"

OpenQmbp 2022
OpenQmbp 2022

This workshop aims at bringing together experimentalists and theorists working on open quantum-many-body systems, with a special focus on non-equilibrium dynamics and measurement transitions in interacting many-body systems.


- Quantum many-body Lindblad dynamics
- Measurement-induced transitions
- Quantum trajectories
- Open many-body physics with cold atoms and polaritons
- Non-Markovian dynamics

Important dates

Registration closes on Sunday, Mai 8, 2022.
The workshop takes place from the early afternoon of Tuesday, June 7, 2022, to the end of the afternoon of Thursday, June 9, 2022.


Andrea De Luca (CNRS, Cergy)
Jacopo De Nardis (Uni Cergy)
Leonardo Mazza (Uni Paris-Saclay)

For any question, you can contact us at: openqmbp2022@sciencesconf.org

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