le 2 février 2021
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Séminaire de Vincent Pasquier


Hydrodynamics of a box-ball system

Mardi 2 Février, 11h00 (en distanciel sur Microsoft Teams)

Hydrodynamics of a box-ball system

(IPhT CEA Saclay)

I present a model of cellular automaton which describes the motion of balls arranged on a line. It results from the discretization of soliton equations on the one hand and the crystal limit of the six vertex model on the other hand. With the help of a transformation due to Kerov, Kirillov and Reshetikhin, we bring the movement of the balls back to that of the solitons.
I will describe the thermodynamics of randomly placed balls and I will study the evolution of a partition of the system into two subsystems of different ball densities. The agreement between the theory based on the prediction of the speed of solitons (GHD) and numerical simulations is astounding.
Work in collaboratin with Grégoire Misguich and Atsuo Kuniba.

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