du 15 juillet 2021 au 16 juillet 2021
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Séminaire de F.F. Assaad


Phase-field approach to cell migration on 3D asymmetric substrates

Mardi 13 juillet, 14h00 (en distanciel sur Microsoft Teams) ( Team CY Warwick Theoretical Physics )

Quantum Monte Carlo  simulations of correlated electron systems: Kondo breakdown and Skyrmion superconductivity

( Theoretische Physik I,  Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Allemagne )

Fermion quantum Monte Carlo methods are a powerful tool to simulate  materials and models.   After introducing the method [1],  I will concentrate on two subjects.  The  first one is experimentally driven, and  concentrates on magnetic ad-adtoms on  metallic surfaces [2]. Here we will  show that phenomena such as Kondo breakdown transitions are achievable in these systems.  In the second part of the talk, I will introduce a model in which the quantum spin Hall (QSH) state is dynamically generated.  The key point of this state is that Skyrmions of the  QSH order parameter    carry charge 2e.  This provides a novel route to superconcductivity  [3] and new realizations of deconfined quantum critical points [4].

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