du 11 mars 2021 au 12 mars 2021
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Séminaire de Didina Serban


The q-deformed Haldane-Shastry model

Jeudi 11 mars, 14h00 (en distanciel sur Microsoft Teams) ( Team CY Warwick Theoretical Physics )

The q-deformed Haldane-Shastry model

( I PhT CEA Saclay et LPTM CY CPU )

The Haldane-Shastry chain is an unique example among the long-range integrable spin chains, possessing Yangian symmetry for any length.
More than twenty years ago, a XXZ-like deformation of the Haldane-Shastry model was also proposed, where the Yangian symmetry is replaced by quantum affine symmetry. In a recent work with Jules Lamers and Vincent Pasquier we have succeeded to give a explicit construction of the highest
weight vectors in terms of Macdonald polynomials. In the talk I will report on these results I will comment on some open problems.

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